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VA - Poel (Entspannungs Musik Zum Seele Baumeln Lassen)(2015)

Date: 6.07.2015 | Chillout, Downtempo, Lounge | Tags: Chilling Grooves, Downtempo, Lounge, ChillOut | Download VA - Poel (Entspannungs Musik Zum Seele Baumeln Lassen)(2015) for free.
VA - Poel (Entspannungs Musik Zum Seele Baumeln Lassen)(2015)

Easy listening - it's easy music for intellectuals. Music is not only the young but also the older generation. So, this is music for music lovers; people who do not have a great knowledge about music; freaks who prefer films 007 and comics; for those who are tired of the heavy bass; for those who are gifted with good sense of humor. At any music library (official, of course), this concept provides a very simple decoding - light music for daily listening. The most well-known performers are: Paul Simon, Cliff Richard, Mr. Robinson (of the orchestration of Sinatra) and others. In this music, the most commonly used sounds of synthesizers (often analog) such as, for example, science fiction SCI-FI. However, easy listening soundtrack to be content with the scope for scientific and fantastic films as well as films about spies. Easy listening took a bit of GLORIA WOOD, very melodic electronic melody from STEREOLAB, as well as a little bit of Latin orchestras of ESQUIVEL.

VA - Poel (Entspannungs Musik Zum Seele Baumeln Lassen)(2015)
Downtempo, Lounge, ChillOut | Chilling Grooves
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 2015 | 02:59:32 | 455 Mb

01. Wolfgang Ohmer - Mare Nubium (04:56)
02. Vladimir Sterzer - City of Dreams (Soft Version) (04:13)
03. Rocco Muller - Media Nation (09:21)
04. Tibetan Bells - 6 Chakra (06:34)
05. Sanftklang - Swimming Flowers (04:11)
06. Hanna Hindi - The Spirit in My Soul (06:19)
07. Silbertahl - Tiefes Thal (05:44)
08. Peter Sudwind - Ya-Ta-Hay (04:27)
09. Emerald Green - The Yearning (05:09)
10. Nibbano - And Joy Will Be Your Light in the Deepest Darkest Night (04:09)
11. Delfina Deines - Swing Swang (03:36)
12. Stargliders - New Age (Grafter Remix) (05:01)
13. Paul Brandenberg - Windfall (02:36)
14. Martin Schmid - The Elements (08:10)
15. Taylor-Therapy - Positives Denken Plus Plus Plus (Kurze Version) (05:00)
16. Wellness & Ambiente - Ausklang (00:05)
17. Jamua - The Sacred Space 432 Hz (09:59)
18. Thorsten Bachert - Traumphase, Pt. 1 (07:18)
19. Manolo Fernandez - Beautiful Earth (04:37)
20. Tranquil Wellness Emotions of Life - Sweeties (Short Version) (01:30)
21. Izquierdo - Espiritu Venado (04:30)
22. Murat Tugsuz - Escape to Nature (03:33)
23. Tarena - In Presence of Divine (09:57)
24. Anhidema - The Mysterious Planet of Aliens (04:01)
25. Dennis O'Neill - Pure Lebensfreude (Musikanwendung 1) (07:28)
26. Nature Healing Acoustics Relaxation Meditation - Lichter Jurawald bei Schneefall T53 (06:11)
27. Stefano Cornaglia - Remembering (feat. Marco Cravero) (03:20)
28. Umberto Sangiovanni - Lettera d'amore (05:08)
29. Andrea Passarino & Roberto Alciati - Zed (01:00)
30. Hilmar Hajek & Andreas Seebeck - 6 Minuten alle 30 Sekunden ein Ping mit Hintergrundmusik (06:10)
31. Benny Scibetta - Time (06:18)
32. Enrico Donner - Flower in the Desert (06:02)
33. Giovanni Lodigiani - Breath of Life (07:38)
34. Shara El Noras - Energy and Mood Booster (Fast Forward 5) [From 12 up to 18 Hz Vivaflow Brainwaves] (05:05)

Specifically, as a genre, easy listening, stuck in the late fifties. It was mostly orchestral, choral and orchestral music simply, which was created for the people in a good mood. This music took a lot of other styles: a little - a little Broadway, a little bit rock 'n' roll, jazz and saves. One of the few components and has exotic: Hawaii, with their wonderful guitars and marimba sounds of the Jungle, which aroused the audience the feeling that he was in paradise, and walk around half-naked beautiful girl in black loincloths and with flowers in her hair luxury . Also, this light music became known as "music bachelor home." By this we mean that this kind of bachelors included music in his apartment for a fun girls: cocktails, dancing and more. After that, the music brush up on another name - Cocktail Music. This music was the music of cocktail terraces, light conversation, relaxed flirting and dancing. Because of this, there was a flourishing of this music in the late fifties. The most famous representatives were in the exotic slope - Benny Martin and Les Baxter, a serious orchestral - Skivel. If you say, in general, the performers of this genre was a lot. In the mid-sixties, the Beatles and the music swept Stones. Thirty years later, this music once again cheered, it happened in the mid nineties. At that time, my life ends grunge, rap is beginning to appear, and the audience begins to want something more new and positive. Thus, gradually began to appear again, this light music, and, once in many countries: France, Japan, the US, Germany, Scandinavia, Spain. They raised the music in different ways: one as close to the original, the other - in newer forms. The popularity of this music is high and to this day, however, call it quite differently.

VA - Poel (Entspannungs Musik Zum Seele Baumeln Lassen)(2015)

VA - Poel (Entspannungs Musik Zum Seele Baumeln Lassen)(2015)
VA - Poel (Entspannungs Musik Zum Seele Baumeln Lassen)(2015)
VA - Poel (Entspannungs Musik Zum Seele Baumeln Lassen)(2015)
VA - Poel (Entspannungs Musik Zum Seele Baumeln Lassen)(2015)

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