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VA - Fresh Arabic Hits Vol.1 (2016)

Date: 17.07.2016 | Dance, Chillout, Lounge, Pop | Tags: Richard Elhaj, Arabic Hits | Download VA - Fresh Arabic Hits Vol.1 (2016) for free.
VA - Fresh Arabic Hits Vol.1 (2016)

Arab music, while independent and flourishing in the 2010s, has a long history of interaction with many other regional musical styles and genres. Many European scholars claim that Arabic music has Persian origins. It is an amalgam of the music of the Arab people in the Arabian Peninsula and the music of all the peoples that make up the Arab world today. A number of musical instruments used in classical music are believed to have been derived from Arabic musical instruments: the lute was derived from the Oud, the rebec (ancestor of violin) from the rebab, the guitar from qitara, which in turn was derived from the Persian Tar, naker from naqareh, adufe from al-duff, alboka from al-buq, anafil from al-nafir, exabeba from al-shabbaba (flute), atabal (bass drum) from al-tabl, atambal from al-tinbal, the balaban, the castanet from kasatan, sonajas de azófar from sunuj al-sufr, the conical bore wind instruments, the xelami from the sulami or fistula (flute or musical pipe), the shawm and dulzaina from the reed instruments zamr and al-zurna, the gaita from the ghaita, rackett from iraqya or iraqiyya, geige (violin) from ghichak, and the theorbo from the tarab.

VA - Fresh Arabic Hits Vol.1 (2016)
World Music, Arabic, Arabic Pop | Richard Elhaj
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 2016 | 01:07:43 | 162 Mb

1. Eslam Fahmy - Ahmar Ya Shal 3:48
2. Hany Zakarya - Malak Hawak 3:23
3. Hassan Yousri - Ya Rab 3:38
4. Amir Gamal - Habyet 3:40
5. Aya Khafaga - Fakkar Fe Gheery 4:10
6. Barakat - Aslan Dh El A'ady 4:31
7. City Band - Kalbon Balady 4:19
8. Essam El Hamshary - Adeem Ehsas 4:26
9. Mahmoud Badrawy - Hafy W Hor 4:56
10. Ahmed Ali - Hamot A'lek 4:09
11. Eslam Amer - Ereft Akhtar 3:17
12. Badea El Zahaby - Meserha Troo' 5:21
13. Hossam El Begermy - Bahebek Ya Belady 4:20
14. Ahmed Mohsen - Bokra 4:13
15. Ahmed El-Atabany - Me'addy 3:10
16. Samer Abo Taleb - Ahla El Nesaa' 6:17


VA - Fresh Arabic Hits Vol.1 (2016)

VA - Fresh Arabic Hits Vol.1 (2016)

VA - Fresh Arabic Hits Vol.1 (2016)
VA - Fresh Arabic Hits Vol.1 (2016)
VA - Fresh Arabic Hits Vol.1 (2016)

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