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Anniela - Electric (2011)

Date: 23.03.2011 | Dance, Pop | Tags: Hitworks AB | Download Anniela - Electric (2011) for free.
Anniela - Electric (2011)

“Electric” is a very strong album overall and is a must-have for all fans of dance/pop music as it contains a lot of songs you will want to sink your teeth into.

Anniela - Electric (2011)
Pop, Dance | Hitworks AB
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01 – Candlelight
The album starts with this up-tempo electro synth track. The song features some use of vocoder after the chorus and also makes use of a very repetitive melodic structure in the chorus. It goes without saying that this song is written to get stuck in our heads!

02 – Electric
The much anticipated English version of Anniela’s Melodifestivalen 2011 entry, “Elektrisk”. The lyrics actually fit much better than I expected and the song definitely still maintains the catchiness of the chorus. “Elektrisk, el-elektrisk, så elektrisk” has been altered to “Electric, I’m electric, so electric” and you can hear that the song still flows fantastically. My favourite part of this song is the same as in the original, the bridge: “I wanna breathe you, I wanna eat you, I wanna rock – your – bod – yy” is the middle part of it, again fitting perfectly to the original.

03 – My Confession
The pace on this album doesn’t stop yet! “My Confession” has a strong quick beat to it and when the electro kicks in, the track really gets started. Again, a small use of vocoder for effect in the background and repetitions of lyrics.

04 – Party Crusher
This starts like many other songs in its genre (dance) but once the verse starts, it becomes unique! The chorus is catchy as a standalone song (i.e. if it was played on the radio with other artists’ music) but compared to the previous three tracks, this one doesn’t seem to have quite the same effect on me. Still a good track!

05 – V.I.P.
By far, one of my favourite tracks on the album. More R&B than the rest and a bit more current, especially for a prospective British market. Just the one expletive, almost expected from the style of music used! The chorus reminds me a little bit of a Beyoncé song!

06 – Love Muscle
Again, continues along the R&B route. However, “Love Muscle” is a bit more dance themed than “V.I.P.” – the chorus is very dance orientated. Anniela’s verse turns into a rap for this one, showing that she can use her voice in more ways than just singing.

07 – Cold Cut Kowtow
Back to the dancepop now! A good mix of electro and synth throughout this upbeat party track. I can’t see this one being released as a single but definitely one of the better tracks on the album. The “oh-oh-oh” after the chorus is insanely catchy and will have you humming the song for hours!

08 – Stay
And now a complete change of pace. “Stay” is the first ballad on the album. It’s R&B themed and instantly reminds me of “Halo” by Beyoncé. Unless Anniela wants to show off her vocal skills, I cannot see this being released as a single as it’s a complete contrast to the rest of the album. One of my favourite tracks.

09 – STHLM Syndrome
Just as a reference, Stockholm syndrome is used to describe the situation where hostages express adulation and have positive feelings towards their captors that appear irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, essentially mistaking a lack of abuse from their captors as an act of kindness. “Ding dong ding dong, you’re my Stockholm syndrome” – a very catchy chorus and a very good track overall, a superb track to follow “Stay”.

10 – Sin of My Own
A cover of September’s song. A good take on the original. Not much else to say really!

11 – Injection
This one contains a lot of electro extras to accompany a nice rhythm and synth base. This one is less of a dance track and more of an electropop track. A nice album track that goes well with the rest of the tracks selected for the album. The chorus is less like a dance song and much more like a ballad in the way that it flows rather than is repetitive.

12 – Ridiculous
Back to the R&B influenced tracks now. “Ridiculous” is a little bit like a Ke$ha track in terms of an R&B catchy pop song, without the slurred American accent rapped vocals! A very good track which may well get stuck in your head with ease!

13 – Dark Pearl
The second of just two ballads on this dance orientated album. The instruments used in this ballad are a little more effective than those in “Stay”, however, this ballad is much less “listener friendly” and doesn’t make you want to get up and sing instantly.

14 – Anniela Mind
The final track on this album is named after the artist! This one definitely feels like Anniela had a lot of input into it. Some strong dancebeats with synth blasting out and then the electro hits as we get to the chorus. A great, great track to end this album… or is it the end?

15 – Elektrisk
As a bonus, we are treated to Anniela’s Melodifestivalen 2011 entry “Elektrisk” – the best bit, in my opinion is the bridge “om du vill nå mig, om du vill få mig, om du vill har mig, om du vill tar mig, om du vill var mig” etc

Anniela - Electric (2011)

Anniela - Electric (2011)
Anniela - Electric (2011)
Anniela - Electric (2011)
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