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DeZtructor - Virtual Reality (2013) FLAC

Date: 16.02.2014 | Electro, Techno, Hard | Tags: Techno-Industrial, TBM, Rhythmic Noise, FLAC, LOSSLESS, DeZtructor | Download DeZtructor - Virtual Reality (2013) FLAC for free.
DeZtructor - Virtual Reality (2013) FLAC

Alright, so, earlier in the year I was given the opportunity to write of Death in Ecstasy, a dark electro solo project from Russia. Their debut release, Chains, was pretty damn good in my opinion, as I gave it an 8. And, now, recently I was contacted by the man, and was told of a side project he has going on called DeZtructor. Being somewhat hooked on his other project, I decided to take a look at Virtual Reality, a recent release that came out in may.

DeZtructor - Virtual Reality (2013) FLAC
Techno-Industrial, TBM, Rhythmic Noise, Hardstyle | Black Minds Production
Lossless | FLAC | unmixed | 2013 | 00:54:01 | 425 Mb

1. Bang
2. X-Dominator
3. Flute Fate
4. Sexual Sadism
5. Magic Rabbit
6. Here & Now
7. First Flight
8. Can't Avoid The Progress
9. Bang (Remixed by Cutoff_Sky)
10. First Flight (Dukstrab Cold RMX)
11. The Machine Conquerors (Carabins RMX)
12. First Flight (Ambrasive RMX)

There is definitely much more clarity in comparison to Death in Ecstasy. Gone are the distorted vocals and harsher beats of that project. Brought forth in this project are a lot of techno and hardstyle elements, perfect for getting you to move your feet and nod your head or at least keep your toes tapping.

X-Dominator really caught my attention of the constant moving synths, especially at the fifty five second mark to the one minute and twenty second mark. It was extremely fun to play through and even relisten. Another song that stuck out to me would be Can't Avoid The Progress. There is a fantastic build up that begins around the one minute and fifteen second mark, and just continue for about forty five seconds, letting all the beats and noise sink into your brain. It was fantastic to listen to.

And, let me mention that all the songs on this album are instrumentals. However, they do not bore me. Some aren't all too swell, such as Magic Rabbit and First Flight, as they tend to be noticeably repetitive. However, I can still listen through those songs without cringing and finding them to be a decent listen to.

Among the fresh tracks are four different remixes. The Cutoff:sky mix would have been good if it wasn't for the vocals or samples being used in the song; the only thing that is said is, "ba-ba-ba-ba-ba," as if it's supposed to be catchy. But, it really isn't. I appreciated the Dukstrab remix of First Flight, as it made it more harsh and better for myself to handle. It still remains repetitious, but I think the mix is better.

The next to last mix on the album, The Machine Conquerors mixed by Carabins was boring to me. It was techno, but with no real edge, and seemed to be the outcast within the album. And, finally, we come across the Ambrasive remix of First Flight. With more synth work leading with a better bass line, I also preferred tihs version over the original.

Now, from this otherwise unknown project comes a pretty damn good piece. The beats are pumping, and the energy is there. I see talent in this guy, as both of his projects have impressed me. And, well, I suppose I'll just have to wait for more in the near future.

Virtual Reality by DeZtructor

DeZtructor - Virtual Reality (2013) FLAC

DeZtructor - Virtual Reality (2013) FLAC
DeZtructor - Virtual Reality (2013) FLAC
DeZtructor - Virtual Reality (2013) FLAC
DeZtructor - Virtual Reality (2013) FLAC

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