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Zero​-​Blade - Technology (2014) FLAC

Date: 15.03.2014 | Electro, Trance, Psychedelic | Tags: Chillout, Experimental, IDM, Psychedelic, Trance, FLAC, LOSSLESS | Download Zero​-​Blade - Technology (2014) FLAC for free.
Zero​-​Blade - Technology (2014) FLAC

The orb sat silently, waiting as it always had been. Surrounded by nothingness, it expected the white prison to be its home for all eternity. Time didnt exist to the orb, neither did space. There was simply nothing. The orb had never understood the meaning to the existence it had been granted, nor did it ponder, for it had gone mad a long, long time ago. Suddenly, a man approached the astronomical figure. The orb let out a terrified gasp. Who, who are you? As these words erupted, the plane was shaken with a chaotic roar. Sound was born.

Zero​-​Blade - Technology (2014) FLAC
Chillout, Experimental, IDM, Psychedelic, Trance | JellyFish Frequency Recordings
Lossless | FLAC | unmixed | 2014 | 73:03 | 540 Mb

01. Zero-Blade - Welcome Children Of Earth
02. Zero-Blade - Aggro (Rmx)
03. Zero-Blade - Galactic Transcendance
04. Zero-Blade - Matrix Mechanics
05. Zero-Blade - Dimensional Vortex
06. Zero-Blade - Ad Infinitum Et Ultra
07. Zero-Blade - Continuum
08. Zero-Blade - Time Paradox
09. Zero-Blade - Computer Technology
10. Zero-Blade - Future Technology

The figure collapsed to the ground and said with all his strength, I, am Zero. A mist of color erupted from the mans mouth as he spoke. I am the end of the beginning. I am the start of a journey, the presence of matter, the existence of energy, the bewilderment of creation, the chaos of life. I am the entrance to a new age, where the vibrations of the world exist to form passion. This is now, and then was then. There is no longer nothing, for there is only everything. I am here from another dimension, to gift you the technology of time. The endless white darkness that surrounded the orb began glowing brightly with strange biomorphs never before seen. Infinite was born. As Zero dissolved into the air, a violent spark of emotion destroyed all boundaries. The orb began its endless expansion to create the universe.

Zero-Blade - Technology by JellyFish Frequency Recordings

Zero​-​Blade - Technology (2014) FLAC

Zero​-​Blade - Technology (2014) FLAC
Zero​-​Blade - Technology (2014) FLAC
Zero​-​Blade - Technology (2014) FLAC
Zero​-​Blade - Technology (2014) FLAC

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Author: Sallla
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