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Hits Dance, Surrender, Dj Kee, Dj Free, Dj Gio, Dj Marvega, Dj Timmo

Date: 29.07.2015 | House, Dance, Club, Disco, Packages, News | Tags: Hits Dance, Surrender, Dj Kee, Dj Free, Dj Gio, Dj Marvega, Dj Timmo | Download Hits Dance, Surrender, Dj Kee, Dj Free, Dj Gio, Dj Marvega, Dj Timmo for free.
Hits Dance, Surrender, Dj Kee, Dj Free, Dj Gio, Dj Marvega, Dj Timmo

Their first MEGARA VS DJ LEE single "The Megara" brought the two DJs and Producers out of Hamburg a lot of recognition to be picked up by EMI with the energy trance hymn "Full intention" - an extremely catchy dance floor fountain. "Full intention" was found in the top Five of the DJ top 40, DDC and ODC by convincing chart placings already before being released. Young musician of undoubted talent Matteo Marini began his artistic career in the late 90 working with labels such as Airplane, GreenPark, Bliss Co, Warner. At the end of 2008 the song "Twin Peaks" was out out by Deepefect Records and immediately received acclamation by critics and public! "Wonderful Days" gave the hit single of the same name Franky Tunes in the fall. With this track the DJ started from the far north through properly.

Hits Dance, Surrender, Dj Kee, Dj Free, Dj Gio, Dj Marvega, Dj Timmo
Commercial, Disco, Hands Up, Club, EDM | Assemblage Composant
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 2015 | 11:40:13 | 1570 Mb

01. L.A.R.5 & Mg King - Work It Out (Radio Edit)
02. Etania - Warriors Of Love (Radio Edit)
03. Denis Pewny Feat. Julia - Hero (Club Mix Edit)
04. Tainos Feat. Alycia Stefano - Pam Pam (Latin Edit) [Feat. Alycia Stefano]
05. Simone Di Bella Feat. Mr. Shammi - Summer Party (Extended Mix)
06. Nils Van Zandt Feat. Mayra Veronica - Party Crasher (Original Extended Mix)
07. Nek - Laura Non C' (Dj Antoine Vs Mad Mark Radio Edit)
08. Mike Diamondz - La Onda
09. Malena Gracia - Despertar (Radio Edit)
10. Ferry Sander Feat. Jia Miles - Touchdown (Radio Mix)
11. Dj Gio - You & Me (Radio Edit)
12. Sky And Sand - Feeling Alive (Radio Love)
13. Remady & Manu-L - Weekend
14. Molella & Airtones - Bring Back The Love (Radio Edit)
15. Martini Monroe & Steve Moralezz Feat. Melina Cortez - One Chance (Radio Edit)
16. Lyrical Eye - Summer Vibe (Featuring Wiley, Chris Ray & Chantell Angelina)
17. Kaarl - Sunday Night (Original Edit)
18. Jens O. - Liquid Blue (Radio Edit)
19. Fred Pellichero Ft. Mandy Ventrice - Turn Off The Light (Radio Edit)
20. Enveloperz! - Clue (Original Mix)
21. Inacoma - Pinocchio (Original Mix)
22. Iwaro Feat. Andrea Santamaria - Sunlight (Aessi & Naitwell Remix Edit)
23. Sean Norvis & Lil Lee - Piece Of Me
24. Neutralize Feat. Zoe - Fallin' Down (Radio Edit)
25. Marvin & Guy - Dance Ability (The Journey) (Original Mix)
26. Dr. Alban - Hurricane (Radio Mix)
27. Dj Hyo - Bbajo (Dj Hyo & Technoposse Radio Edit)
28. Dj Marvega Ft Nicolas Isimat-Mirin - Come On Peesjevee!!! (Radio Edit)
29. Tobix & Aisha - U&I (Long Version)
30. Timster & Mike G. - Emotion (Extended Mix)
31. Stonecold - Always On My Mind (E.Q.T. Remix)
32. Rene Rodrigezz & Mc Yankoo - I'm Coming For Your Soul (Extended Mix)
33. J.A.M. Feat. Omer Fernandez - Caminando (Extended Mix)
34. Ricky Monaco Feat. Danni Rouge - Drive (Radio Edit)
35. Natalie Page - You're For Me (Extended Mix)
36. Marcelos Pi - Path To Heaven (Extended Mix)
37. Hooch - I Know You Want Me (Club Mix)
38. Freeg Ft. Good Weather Forecast & Vas - Kingdom (Extended Mix)
39. Elena Feat. Danny Mazo - Senor Loco (Dj Kone & Marc Palacios Radio Edit)
40. Dj Timmo - Make Yourself Fly (Extended Mix)
41. The Millennials - Fourfiveseconds (Bass Rayders Remix)
42. Nick Kamarera - Outta My Life (Extended)
43. Mister Jay Ft. Ragga Ranks - Circus (Festival Radio Edit)
44. Flowtexx & Jamalmentals Feat. Alexa Jervis & La Dream - Un Deux Trois (Club Mix)
45. Seeker - Look At Me (Hardstyle Edit)
46. Vulgaris - One Moment
47. Two Feat Kaya - Angel
48. Sophie J - Breakout
49. Silje - Good Girl
50. Paf Feat. Veronika Hale - Don't Cry (Original Edit)
51. New Center - Blaming You
52. Mario Joy - Nada Mas (Radio Edit)
53. Jay Murano Featuring Charlie - Freedom (Original Mix)
54. James Rhod - Starke And Hatch (Original Mix)
55. Daniel Curve Feat. Rob Sherman - Rock This Life
56. Adrian Mesu Feat. Diana Francesco - It's Gonna Be (Radio Edit)
57. Giorgio Moroder Feat. Sia - Dj Vu
58. Yurena - My Life
59. Vm Ventor & Dj Beats Raver - Winter Times (Original Mix)
60. Van Zan Feat Jamie Sparks - Dance The Night Away (Radio Mix)
61. Topmodelz - Strings Of Infinity 2015 (Dj Fait Edit)
62. Sunset Project - Hello (Single Edit)
63. Starjack Feat. Mimoza - Thunder (B-Case Radio Edit Mix)
64. Redtop & Niklas Gustavsson - Heartbeat
65. Overtune - Come To Me (Single Mix)
66. Mocki - Weekend (Original)
67. Hit The Bass - Color Of Her Heart
68. Fred Karato - One Night Of Romance
69. Evelyn - Your Love Is Mine (Radio Edit)
70. Alex Dvane, Romm, Alex Believe - Run To You (Original Mix)
71. Xtance Ft. Jo - You Rock My World (Imprezive Meets Pink Planet Remix Edit)
72. Tydi - If I Stayed (Extended Mix)
73. Special D. - Chief Party Rocker (Extended Mix)
74. Sean Norvis & Seepryan Feat. Dennis Hertz - By My Side (Original Mix)
75. Nevel Feat. Seana - I'm Your Fever (Radio Edit)
76. Indeep - Iconic
77. In-Grid - Kiki Swing
78. Flave - Ignite (Radio Edit)
79. Dj Kee - Saturday Night
80. Christina Matsa - My Reason (Hudson Leite & Thaellysson Pablo Remix)
81. Brunkow Feat Violeta White - I'm Gonna Fight (Radio Mix)
82. Sandra N - Ballerina (Extended Version)
83. Rheat Feat. Chris Burke - Neverland (Radio Edit)
84. Nolita - Tears On Venus (Original Mix)
85. Mo.No And Vassy Feat. Pitbull And Honorebel - If I Would Stay (Davis Redfield Extended Mix)
86. Livin R & Zeff Feat. Louise Carver - Easy (Club Mix)
87. Karen Lambert - Cool Kids (Almighty Club Mix)
88. Bob Sinclar Feat. Dawn Tallman - Feel The Vibe (Club Mix)
89. Tjay - Don't You Know (Dj Oskar Remix)
90. Mr. Rommel & Fonsi De Garcia Ft. Beatrice - No Quiero Despertar (Extended Version)
91. Klingande Feat. Broken Back - Riva (Restart The Game) (Original Mix)
92. Joe K Feat. Jonny Rose - Together Again (Carlitto Toledo Remix)
93. Dj Free & Purebeat - All I Wanna Be
94. Avenue Feat Tony Costa & Raul Olivares - Una Historia De Amor (Up Mix)
95. Antonia - Chica Loca (Extended Version)
96. Yam Nor, Alexey Union - Violet Light (Original Mix)
97. Pep And Rash - Rumors (Radio Edit)
98. Off Tap - Break The Rules (Homeless John Remix)
99. Nick Skitz - Boom Boom Boom (Original Mix)
100. Menderes - Queen Of My Heart (Wordz Deejay Video Edit)
101. Lorina - Away From Home (Extended Mix)
102. Kritikal Mass - I Need Love (Dj Oskar Remix)
103. Future Antics - Lunar (Radio Edit)
104. Antaris - One More (Extended Mix)
105. Sven Kuhlmann - Don't Go Away (Main Stage Mix)
106. Mr. John - Time Is Ticking Away (Alternative Radio Version)
107. Kamaleon - Discoteka (Reggaeton Extended)
108. Joss Beaumont Feat Driss Farrio - Unconditionally Love (Extended Version)
109. Jordi Mb Feat. Eimy Sue - My First Time (Extended Mix)
110. Javid Senerano - Set Me Free (Extended Version)
111. Headless Feat Emi - Magic's In The Air (Extended)
112. Franky Tunes - Talk About Your Life (Club Mix)
113. Fly Project - Like A Star (Sllash Remix Edit)
114. Dino Brown Feat. Sunna - Surrender [Extended Mix]
115. Dj Pelos Feat. Redwolf - The Reason (Remix By Dj Frisco & Marcos Pen [Club Edit Mix])
116. Christian Tanz - Beat Heart (Brown & Tobix Supa Extended Mix)
117. Bombs Away - Rewind (Bounce Inc. Remix)
118. Bietto - Go!
119. Base Elements - Trust Me (Original Mix)
120. Alkalino, Alphabet City - Dolve A La Discoteca (Original Mix)
121. The Beatangers & Boogie Vice - Getaway (Croatia Squad Remix)
122. Sean Finn - The Rhythm Of The Night (Extended Version)
123. Maurizio Braccagni - Stop (Ma.Bra. Radio Mix)
124. Hollywood Hustlers - Pray To God (Supa Nani Remix)
125. Girls Only - Blank Space (Sub Phonix Remix)
126. Crazytunez - Sleeping And Dreaming (Dj Niky Remix)
127. Berger & Kunz Feat. Rico Belafonte - Bleib Bei Mir (Extended)
128. Ana Oh - I Am Still (In Love) (Mark Nine Remix)
129. Matteo Marini & Mailman - Illuminate (Extended Mix)
130. Vivian Darkangel Feat. Jerry Sound - Rock Dj (Extended Version)
131. Upsynth - Down Low (Extended Mix)
132. Turbotronic - Kick Some Ass (Original Edit)
133. Ti-Mo - Space (Club Mix)
134. Sven Kuhlmann - Don't Go Away (Pulsedriver Remix)
135. Stricted Soul & Peter Lucas & Jenna Summer - Waiting For You (Sharman Remix)
136. Robi And Vir-T Feat. Alicia Madison - Diamonds (John Snow Remix Edit)
137. Rob Mayth - Fanatic (Extended Mix)
138. Pulsedriver & Special D. - Oxygene (Kick Me Back Mix)
139. Progressive Berlin - That Beat (Original Mix)
140. Nick Skitz & Basslouder - The Hanging Tree (Original Mix)
141. Megara Vs. Dj Lee - Forward (Club Mix)
142. Mark Wagner Feat. Jasmine Chloe - Better Off Alone (Extended Version)
143. Kizoo - On My Little World (Radio Edit)
144. Kindervater - Get Wicked (Extended Mix)
145. Flarup Ft. Daniel & Peter Munters - Flow (Radio Edit)
146. Energy Deejays Feat. The Mode - Not You (Extended Mix)
147. Daso - Tide Waves (Daniel Solar & Andi De Luxe Remix)
148. Bass Inferno Inc - Ray Of Sunshine (Club Mix)
149. Andy Line - Midnight (Munenori Remix)
150. Cj Stone - Sound Of Infinity (Cj Stone & Milo.Nl Mix)
151. John Alexander - Like It! (Original Mix)
152. 4Kast - I'm An Albatraoz (Sunny Dee Remix Edit)
153. Alien Cut - Squit Uss (Original Mix)
154. Heimlich Feat. Jermaine Fleur - A Song (Extended Mix)
155. Flavio Siciliano Feat. Vivian B - This Is Life (Extended Mix)
156. Stephan Apollon - My Precious Way
157. Vivian B - Falesia
158. Dj Carmixer & Dj Francy M - Angel Cry (Glaukor Remix) [Feat. Lady Diamond]

Hits Dance, Surrender, Dj Kee, Dj Free, Dj Gio, Dj Marvega, Dj Timmo

Hits Dance, Surrender, Dj Kee, Dj Free, Dj Gio, Dj Marvega, Dj Timmo
Hits Dance, Surrender, Dj Kee, Dj Free, Dj Gio, Dj Marvega, Dj Timmo
Hits Dance, Surrender, Dj Kee, Dj Free, Dj Gio, Dj Marvega, Dj Timmo

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