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American Wolf - Myriad (2013) MP3/FLAC

Date: 19.09.2013 | Rock | Tags: Indie Rock, Folk, Dreampop, Female Vocal | Download American Wolf - Myriad (2013) MP3/FLAC for free.
American Wolf - Myriad (2013) MP3/FLAC

Some records are all about the atmosphere, the feelings they evoke or the events they soundtrack. American Wolfs Myriad is one of these albums. The Chicago band dont concern themselves with the small details, they aim for massive, epic landscapes, mysterious atmospheres and everything thats a little bit hushed. Myriads nine tracks are perfect for relaxing and for escaping from the day to day struggles, not because theyre easy to relate to, or because the singer knows exactly how you feel, but because its pretty and because within moments of placing your earphones in, the world you live in is stripped back and built anew again. American Wolf create music that distracts you, and sometimes thats all you need.

American Wolf - Myriad (2013) MP3/FLAC
Indie Rock, Folk, Dreampop, Female Vocal | Self
Lossless | FLAC | unmixed | 2013 | 44:43 | 101 / 310 Mb

01 - A Dark Matter
02 - Mahrz
03 - Skin Tight
04 - Open Me
05 - Mother
06 - The Secret To Passing Through
07 - Phenomenon
08 - Letting You Out
09 - Myriad

American Wolfs sound is very much resting in the aesthetic. Sounding a little like a darker version of Beach House, the record is grounded in a bed of subdued, attractive vocals, whimsical instrumentation and poetic lyrics. A Dark Matter starts off procedures with a jazzy feel. Its relaxed guitarwork and steady beat lends itself to quietly leading the listener into the album and sets up a chilled up platform for the rest of the tracks to build on. Build on it they do; sophomore track Mahrz continues the carefree vibe of the opener and adds to it a sense of franticness by taking on beautifully epic chorus-type-thing-that-isnt-a-chorus, which is subtly catchy. Skin Tight is also superb. The vocals are more comprehensible than previous tracks, and whilst the song is grounded in atmosphere and prettiness, there is a hint of just straight up catchiness to it which makes the track a little bit special.

Musically, American Wolf are what would happen if Ellie Goulding fronted Beach House and they listened to too much of The Cure. The androgynous vocals are wonderfully soft and complement the haunting tones of the individual tracks perfectly. At times, they lack distinction and get a little lost amongst the albums sonic landscapes, but on tracks such as Open Me and Mother, theyre just perfect. The instrumentation is wonderful throughout the release. The band have the ability to know exactly when is the right the time to enforce hushed tones and when to turn it up to eleven, and this prevents the album from ever getting boring or mundane - the band know exactly how to hold a listener. The only major flaw the release has is its tendency to lose focus occasionally. Certain tracks. Letting You Out being a big example, seem to run over longer than they probably should and it feels like the band are just dragging the track out for as long as possible. This has a pretty negative effect on the entirety of the song because after a few minutes, one may find themselves reaching for the fast forward button.

Despite its occasional flaw, American Wolfs Myriad is an excellent album. If you like your dream pop to be a little less fluffy, or youre looking for something to soundtrack 3am in the morning, Myriad is the perfect record. I certainly look forward to hearing more from these guys.

American Wolf - Myriad (2013) MP3/FLAC

American Wolf - Myriad (2013) MP3/FLAC
American Wolf - Myriad (2013) MP3/FLAC
American Wolf - Myriad (2013) MP3/FLAC

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