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King Dude - Fear (2014)

Date: 6.05.2014 | Rock | Tags: Neo-Folk, Rock | Download King Dude - Fear (2014) for free.
King Dude - Fear (2014)

King Dude's latest album, entitled Fear, was produced by the legendary Bill Rieflin (Ministry, Swans, Pigface, etc). Below are some of TJ's thoughts on Fear and what it really means to terrify people through song. When I set out to write the follow up record to my last record Burning Daylight I hadn't quite realized what I was going to do for it's themes and overall concept. Although I had one crystal clear intention - To make the most horrifying music I could. So with that in mind I began to write what would later become Fear.

King Dude - Fear (2014)
Neo-Folk, Rock | Not Just Religious Music
Lossless | FLAC | unmixed | 2014 | 41:56 | 290 Mb


01. Open The Door 01:08
02. Fear is All You Know 03:03
03. Maria 03:34
04. Devil Eyes 02:52
05. Cloven Hooves (Of Fear) 03:43
06. Demon Caller Number 9 03:12
07. Bloody Mirror 02:52
08. Lay Down in Bedlam 02:25
09. Bottomless Pit 03:04
10. Never Run 03:50
11. Miss September 03:19
12. Empty House 06:17
13. Watching Over You 02:37

Now writing a record that is horrifying to me is one thing, writing a record that is horrifying to everyone in the whole world is some other thing altogether. So I really had to begin to think about what inner fear every single person possibly could have. Of course the most common fear everyone on Earth shares would be the fear of dying. But that seemed too obvious to write a record called "Fear" and have it be about the fear of death. There are already way too many songs written about being afraid to die (or not afraid to die for that matter) in fact I have written a few of them myself.

So I chose the next most obvious fear I felt everyone shared. And that is the fear felt during early adolescence. As we move away from our childhood towards our adulthood we (in a sense) watch helplessly from the confides of our own slowly deforming, prepubescent bodies as the "child-mind" is ripped away only (or buried deeply into our subconscious) only to be replaced by the cruel, maniacal, sex crazed "adult-mind" also known as the ultimate product of a civilized adult world reality.

The two other themes that I chose for this record are static in nature, or how shall I say, more tangible. And those two themes are "mirrors" and "telephones". Mirror reflections are often associated in the subconscious with our relationship to our physical bodies but they serve another hidden terrifying purpose which is to remind us that we are in fact separated from the reality conjured in our minds. Another sort of reflection we cast of ourselves is that one of which we cast upon those around us and at times very far away from us through communication. Advanced communication came about recently with the advent of the telephone and the concept of "separation of the mind and body" reveals itself to our subconscious every time we "reach out and touch someone" The mirrored image plays an integral role in the concept of Fear, a concept that will be revealed to the listener when the record is finally in their hands.

King Dude - Fear (2014)

King Dude - Fear (2014)
King Dude - Fear (2014)
King Dude - Fear (2014)
King Dude - Fear (2014)

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