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The Mayan Blood (2015)

Date: 16.01.2015 | Trance, Psychedelic | Tags: Rumbling Earth Records, Dark Psy Trance, Hi Tech | Download The Mayan Blood (2015) for free.
The Mayan Blood (2015)

Black and white copal misty incense burning,in huge quartz bowls resting on stone resting,on top of mayan pyramids shamans chanting,blood sacrifices are given to sacred sun god,using ritual knife of gold and emerald red hot decapitation heart removal or black arrows shot,chaak aupuch Ixchel votan camazotz ekchuah,cabrakan xbalenque kunich ahau hzamana,mighty gods, goddesses and entities invoked,deeply entranced in dancing shadows smoke,mayan ancestors travelled cosmology interstellar,via stellardodecahedra starcraft spectacular,channelling 13:20 galactic frequencies together,giving archaic dreaming visions using spirits sight,jungle guardians trancing in shapeshifting tribal rite,jaguar powerguides eagles and humming birds flight,quetzalcoatl's ayahuasca rainbow snakes healing souls,explore these psychedelic underworld journeys bold.

The Mayan Blood (2015)
Dark Psy Trance, Hi Tech | Rumbling Earth Records
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 15 January, 2015 | 01:18:06 | 180 Mb

01. Qakbatzulu - Introduction Abduction
02. Quantum_Dosis - Xel'Naga
03. Mistic Fungus - Bass Industry (2014 Re-Edit)
04. Gukumatz - Bear Trap
05. Cali'Balam - Chaac Dancing into the vortex
06. Psydrax - OpenMind
07. Xochipilli - We're all shamans
08. Aq'Ab'Al - Copal
09. Yonoize - To the Moon
10. Psydrax - Synthetic Spirit

The Mayan Blood (2015)

The Mayan Blood (2015)
The Mayan Blood (2015)
The Mayan Blood (2015)

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